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Christmas in red, green, gray and brown December 27, 2010

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Merry Christmas everyone!


It was definitely a holiday I will never forget. As I’ve said before, Haiti is pretty much the opposite of Canada in every way, so it was quite the location for my first ever Christmas away from home. It was a wonderful weekend, full of food, dancing, hilarious presents, and the strange comfort and feeling of “family” that comes in the form of a group of random people all in a similar situation, making the most of things. I celebrated with my Haitian family on the 24th, my international volunteer family on the 25th, and tomorrow afternoon marks the first of three days of celebration with my biological family, when the entire Watson clan lands in Port-au-Prince!

I’m definitely someone who loves her traditional family Christmas. I’ve done pretty much the exact same thing every holiday season for the past 20-odd years and enjoyed it fully every time. Every December 25th I get a wake-up call in the form of a whack on the head with a pillow from one of my 4 siblings. We jump out of bed like little kids to go open our stockings with Mom and Dad. This year I woke up to the sound of English Christmas carols on a nearby radio, sharing a single mattress with my friend Rose Daphney in a tent in her back courtyard (her 3-room house has about 8 other people living in it), feeling a bit shaky from the rum and kompa street dancing that we’d taken part in the night before. I sauntered my way over to the coffee lady to have a chat and exchange holiday greetings with my neighbours before they headed off to work for the day.

Although it didn’t look much like home, spending the day with the international volunteers had the same sort of warm, happy feeling that goes along with a traditional family Christmas. Being away from home for the holidays isn’t something I’ve ever aspired to do, but I’m glad that I did it here, with these amazing people.



I hope everyone had a happy and memorable holiday as well. Much love and hugs to those of you who I usually spend this time of year with…although it was a great experience, I think saving me a place at the table for next year is probably a safe bet!

xoxo Madison


4 Responses to “Christmas in red, green, gray and brown”

  1. Stef Says:

    I saw Venise wearing that crushed red velvet dress the other day

  2. Lauren Delves Says:

    3 things:
    1. i’ve realized that every time i see another of your posts come up in my inbox i get notorious BIG stuck in my head, except with the words switched from “bad bad bad bad boy, wouldn’t change you if i could” to “mad mad mad mad world, wouldn’t change you if i could”. i dig it.
    2. your red mini dress would totally fit in in canada right now. i’ve been seeing crush velvet all over the stores lately.
    3. i love you. all the very best of this holiday season to you and your awesome family/families

  3. HC Says:

    Merry Christmas Madison! Have a lovely time with your family (we all agreed yesterday that your family blows our families out of the water with their generous spirits!!)
    Love you!!

  4. Rosie Hageraats Says:

    Looks like you had an awesome time :)
    The watsons are going to Haiti????!!!!!!

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