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Lapli te tombe…soti soley! November 8, 2010

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I figured I would update on the situation in Leogane, as I’ve gotten a few requests from people wondering what’s going on. Overall, the flooding only affected certain areas of town, and (according to the locals) was pretty normal for after a big storm. All Hands is going out this week to do “mudding”, which is what they did in Gonaives, Haiti, after a hurricane in 2008. Basically volunteers will be going to affected neighbourhoods with buckets and shovels to help people get all the water and mud out of their homes. It’s a fairly simple (but messy) job that most homeowners have been doing themselves, but people are grateful to have the help. Tomorrow a team of volunteers will be cleaning up Hopital St-Croix, the only hospital in town, which has been temporarily shut down due to flooding.

As for how I’ll be involved, unfortunately I am a rat deserting a sinking ship and can’t take credit for any of this good work going on: about a month ago, my friend Alice booked us a vacation in the Dominican Republic for this week. Although the timing isn’t great, it’s also non-refundable, and we’ve decided to go ahead with our plans. I’m not leaving Leogane without a certain amount of guilt, but that’s an emotion I’m getting pretty used to carrying around on a daily basis. The next time you hear from me, I plan to be well-rested, well-fed, well-tanned and well-boozed, and more than ready to get back on the hard labour train.


3 Responses to “Lapli te tombe…soti soley!”

  1. Devon Says:

    Thanks for the update Mad. News reports are certainly alarming. Please keep up your writing – really good to “hear” from you.

  2. Sarah Neale Says:

    Have a great vacation! love the Nealesx

  3. If you want more information on what All Hands is up to in Leogane, or if you want to volunteer in 2011 (or if you want to send us money!), please visit The site is full of pretty pictures, which is nice because I’m not so good at taking/posting my own.

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